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Image titleI KNOW... everything that can be said has probably been said about prepping your house for sale. But why are we all still surprised when we tour homes that are just NOT READY for quick and profitable sale?

Here a some THOUGHTS of what and why you want to do everything to prep your home for a strong sale:

1. GET OUT! Load up your POD to move to your new adventure, dream home, wherever. Rent a storage unit and fill it up. Get a family member or friend to loan you their garage.... just get out. Let your visitors see THEIR stuff in your house. "The bed can go there. My favorite painting can go there. Mom's rug will look great in here." Instead of, "It looks small in here..." because your stuff is filling it up. Nothing personal should be out: no photo's, no jewelry, no sports equipment, no scrapbooks.

2. SIMPLIFY! Paint your kids' purple room neutral gray, tan or off white. Take down all your art, but maybe a single piece on a wall. Empty out closets except for essentials if you're still living there. Get your bathroom products consolidated into a plastic tote that goes in and out of the closet or cabinet while you're not home. Eat out. Eat Take Away. Thus you don't have dirty dishes or cooked meal smells in the house. Leave a plain and simple couch. Leave your bed, but dress it in neutral or white linens. All window shades are left open to let light in.

3. CREATE ORDER!Let your guests be envious of you and how neat and orderly you are: small stack of folded towels in the linen closet. All your cleaning supplies so orderly in a tote under the sink. A handful of clothes hanging in the closet all on the same hanger (they will look, they may even touch) and organized by color. Shoes in a neat row on the floor of the closet. Kitchen cabinets are straight, organized and clean. Four plates, four glasses, four bowls. Drawers are empty except for your utensil tray: four forks, four spoons, four knives. One counter top appliance: coffee maker or blender. You're not going to impress anyone with all your toys. Clear out pantry as best you can, if not completely. Your baking days are on hold! 

4. LET THEM SEE THEMSELVES in their new home and not feel like they're maneuvering through a mine field of someone else's debris! Let them see THEIR blender/ microwave/ coffee maker/ etc. on the kitchen counters. Add a mirror or two in key locations so they see THEMSELVES in your environment. Clear off walls so they can see their art up. Clear rooms so they can see THEIR sofa, THEIR beds, THEIR rugs in your rooms. THEIR family photo's on the mantel and on the 'fridge. Their cologne and perfume, their soap and toothbrushes in the bathroom.... not your ratty old brush that should have been replaced three months ago.

5. ATMOSPHERE so they feel at hoImage titleme is important as well. Many people recommend baking sugar cookies right before and/ or during an open house. Diffuse essential oils while you're out with a subtle but sooth blend from your local market.... there are plenty of ready made blends to uplift a room! Use pure vs. artificial scenst or candles because many become too "perfumy" or "sugary"... we've all been in that way too vanilla-y places!

and most importantly MAINTAIN what you've worked so hard to do above! Bathroom is always clean! Bed is always made! Everything is always put away!

main photo credit: J. Arnold & CELF 

Denver Colorado Real Estate Professional -Michael Steffen

Michael is a motivated realtor specializing with investors and new home buyers located in the following areas; DenverArvada,Aurora and surrounding areas. Michael Steffen uses advanced internet marketing to insure your property gets maximum exposure and holds a high value of ethics in his work to ensure the ideal scenario for everyone! For help with buying or selling a property call 303-981-2750!

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