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Dated: October 16 2017

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Here is a great article on color schemes that are Feng Shui! Whether you buy into the idea of Feng Shui or not, these are some nice templates to reference when deciding on how to create an ascetic for a room or home. Creating an inviting feel to your home has a lasting affect with visitors as well as a relaxing moment every time you return home from a long day at work. This is a great way to attract buyers if you're listing your home! Leave a lasting impression! A bit of color can go a long way. Which one is your favorite? Water? Wood? Fire? Metal? 

Feng Shui Colors to Channel the Best Energy in Your Home

Dacy Knightby DACY KNIGHT

When we look to feng shui to create a healthy environment and to cultivate the right energy in our home, we often only consider layout and furniture placement. But there are much more ways feng shui can help shape the look and feel of your home. One of the easiest ways to transform your home's energy—without moving a single piece of furniture—is through color. In feng shui, there are five elements that are expressed through color. Working these feng shui color palettes into your home will help set the intention of the space and draw in those specific lines of energy.

New seasons call for a refresh in décor, so why not make the most of it by planning out a color scheme that channels the energy you wish to bring into each room? Whether it's bringing forth a soothing sense of calm to allow for relaxation or igniting drive to inspire your career goals, feng shui colors will help you find harmony between your home and your lifestyle. Keep scrolling to learn about each feng shui color and channel the best energy in your home.


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Brittany Ambridge; DESIGN: Gachot Studios

Neutrals may be one of the most popular color palettes utilized in homes, and it's easy to see why. A neutral color scheme is timeless, suits all styles, and is easier to curate than when working with bold colors. Neutrals also express feng shui colors of the earth element, which offers stability and protection for relationships. This makes it an excellent choice for any area of the home and an especially grounding force in central areas like the living room. Because the earth element also encourages inner balance, colors like beige, sand, and taupe can also be beneficial in the bedroom or even an office or study.

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The feng shui fire element is expressed through bold warm colors like red, orange, and pink. Inciting passion and energy, the fire element can support career ambitions as well as sex drive—making it a smart choice for both the office and the bedroom. If you don't feel comfortable committing to red walls or painted red furniture, pops of red and orange through décor items can be a tasteful way to bring the energizing color into any space.

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Blues can instantly create calm in a space, and within the practice of feng shui, they're understood to also promote purity and freshness due to the water element. This element, expressed through shades of blue, as well as black, is also associated with abundance, so incorporate it throughout your home to promote wealth and prosperity.

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Another neutral palette that brings forth a more active energy is made of grays and white. Expressing feng shui's metal element, these colors help to foster sharpness and clarity, eliminating distractions and encouraging efficiency. Use these colors in any workspace or in the bathroom or kitchen to set the tone for a productive and rewarding day.

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Creating green spaces—through plants and décor—is a beautiful way to bring life into your home and also channel the feng shui wood element. This element supports good health and growth, and like the water element promotes wealth, using greens and browns as an accent throughout your home can encourage favorable results.

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Now discover the three items a feng shui expert wants you to toss from your home.

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